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Past Continuous


Is / Are / Do / Does / Can / Have

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "general questions"

  1. It is a ball.
  2. It is a big ball.
  3. It is a big red ball.
  4. It is a big red and green ball.
  5. It is a big red and green ball on the ground.
  6. I play basketball.
  7. You play basketball on weekend.
  8. They are sportsmen.
  9. They play basketball in the morning.
  10. You are a sportsman.
  11. You are a popular sportsman.
  12. You go in for sport.
  13. You swim very fast.
  14. You are a winner.
  15. He is a winner, too.
  16. They are both swimmers.
  17. The kitten is too small.
  18. My cat likes fish.
  19. These cherries are ripe.
  20. My friend studies French.
  21. My Italian friends live in Rome.
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The Sun and the Wind | Aesop’s Fables

One day the Wind approached the Sun and asked
Wind: Hey, Sun, who do you think is the strongest in the world? It’s me the Wind.
Sun: Oh, really?
The Sun chuckled.
Wind: If you don’t believe me, let’s bet on it.
Just then they saw a man walking through the field.
Wind: See that man? Whoever can make him take off his jacket, wins.
As soon as the Wind said that, he started to blow as hard as he could.
Man: That’s strange. Why is the Wind so strong today?”
The man held onto his jacket tightly. The Wind blew harder and harder. But, the stronger the Wind blew, the tightly the man held onto his jacket.

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Daddy’s taking us to the Zoo


Dialogues for Kids

this / that /  please / here you are / you are welcome  / Who is he? / Who is she ? / time / What time… ?  / What a nice… ! / my / mine /  Can you… ?  / Do you like… ? / I am sorry! – It’s Okay. / Do you have …? / How many? / At the Zoo /  Look at … / May I …?  / Let’s … / weather / What colour …? / Where is …? / What’s wrong?  / at thre Dentist / subjects / hobby / at the cafe / What are you doing? / What did you do? /

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What Did You Do Today? / 3

What Did You Do Today? / 2

What Did You Do Today?

neither … no ( either …or)

the Present Simple

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