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Алёна Привиденцева. Как заговорить по-английски.


Лиана Хафизова: как заговорить по-английски. 5 советов




Everyday Activities

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Advanced Actual English Speaking

Много полезных фраз  из диалогов и к темам

Talking About Yourself: name, age, place of birth, country, city, education, field of study, job / occupation, family, siblings, marital status, children , persinality, hobbies






More than twenty men hired by an oil company hacked through the Ecuadorean jungle. Suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by a large group of indigenous people called the Cofan. The newcomers were clearly outnumbered. In the last five years, several oilmen had been beaten or killed by various tribes inside the jungle.

The oilmen were preparing for the worst, but nothing happened. The tribesmen just stood there silently until a blond, blue-eyed man emerged from their group.

The white man spoke to the oilmen in perfect Spanish, telling them that they weren’t welcome in the jungle. He then told the Cofan people to detain them. They put the oilmen onto their canoes and brought them to their village. Instead of beating them, the white man, whose name was Randy Borman, gave the newcomers a long lecture on how oil drilling was destroying the forest before releasing them.

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hire — нанимать, предоставлять работу

hack — рубить, прорубать /  If you hack something or hack at it, you cut it with strong, rough strokes using a sharp tool such as an axe or knife.

indigenous — аборигенный, местный, туземный / originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native

outnumber — превосходить численно

tribe — племя /  a group of people of the same race, language, and customs

worst — худший

emerge — появляться; всплывать; выходить  /  move out of or away from something and become visible

detain — задерживать, арестовывать; брать под стражу  / When people such as the police detain someone, they keep them in a place under their control.

drill — бур, бурав, сверлить, добывать

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Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "пингвины"
Звуковая дорожка в трёх темпах ( slow / normal / fast )http://deepenglish.com/2016/03/a-heartwarming-friendship/
Imagine loving someone so much that you’d swim more than 5,000 miles to see them. Dindim manages to swim that far every single year to visit his friend Joao Pereira de Souza in Brazil.

This is heartwarming, not only because of the love between the two friends, but because Dindim is actually a penguin.

Joao found Dindim covered in oil, barely alive on a beach near his home in a small island village outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He picked him up, cleaned him off and brought him to his house where he nursed him back to health. Joao named him Dindim.

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Фильмы на английском языке с английскими субтитрами






Произношение глаголов английского языка в прошедшем времени.

Очень часто люди что видят, то и читают. Но английский — это не латынь и некоторые правила чтения надо всё же помнить. Окончание «- ed» может читаться по-разному. Чтобы привыкнуть к разнице, почитайте их некоторое время, причём разные группы в разное время.

Если слово заканчивается на глухие согласные, то и окончание читается глухо:

helped, washed, looked, worked, blessed,  nocked, locked, smashed,  jumped, asked, poked, cooked, discussed, finished, talked, liked, danced, glanced,  pumped, loughed,  picked, watched, guessed, rushed, attacked, baked, balanced, promised, pushed, stopped, wrapped, stepped,   clapped…

Обратите внимание на правописание последних, курсивом, слов: перед окончанием  удваивается последняя согласная слова. Если слово заканчивается на согласную.

Если слово заканчивается на звонкий звук, то и в прошедшем времени они произносятся звонко. Попробуйте! Звонко и немного радостно или удивлённо: played, called, named, showed, smiled, seemed, whispered, examined, robbed, lived, entered, turned, claimed, opened, loved, remembered, enjoyed, admired, moved,  stared, thrilled, closed, happened, disappeared, used, hurried, cleared, supplied, prepared, allowed, cried, believed, saved, behaved, gathered, climbed, poured, screamed,    …

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Английский в Интернете

Посмотрите все, но выбирайте то, что по душе. Успехов!


70 ценных ресурсов для всех, кто учит английский

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