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Christmas Stories

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Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney"

It was Christmas Eve. The children had hung their stockings by the fireplace and were all snug in their beds.

Sometime during the night, they were visited by a big, jolly, old man dressed in red. You got it, it was Santa Claus!

Santa and his bright red toy bag came down the chimney. This was his last stop of the night. First, he filled each stocking with special treats. Then, for each child, he left some gifts.

“A new bike for Suzie,” said Santa, pulling a beautiful pink bicycle out of his bag. “And, a train set for Billy.”

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shore / coast / coastline



  1.  Coastline is the area where the land meets the sea or
  2. The shore is where the water meets the land.
  3. The shore is the land at the edge of an ocean, sea or lake.
  4. The beach is at the edge of or along the shore.
  5. Nowhere in the UK is more than 113 KM ( 70 mi )  from the coast.
  6. Around 30 million people ( out of 60 million ) live on the coast of the UK.
  7. The U. S. Coast Guard can come to your rescue  along the coasts of the US.
  8. Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It stands on the coast.
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Balloon Science Experiment



an empty plastic bottle


baking soda

small spoon

copy paper

permanent marker



glue stick

  1. Cut a thick strip of copy paper. Draw a shirt for the front of your empty bottle. Glue the paper around the empty plastic
  2. Using your permanent marker, draw a face on your balloon.
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into your empty water bottle.
  4. Next, using a small spoon pour baking soda into your balloon until it’s about 1/4 the way full.
  5. Now you are ready to perform your science experiment! Carefully stretch the neck of the balloon around the neck of the bottle partially filled with vinegar, making sure to keep the baking soda in the balloon. When you’re ready, dump the baking soda into the vinegar and watch as your balloon (or in this case, face!) grows and inflates!
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TP Roll Bunny Egg Holders



  • toilet paper rolls
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • Instructions


    Happy Easter!

    Trace and cut out the bunny ears and 1 inch base from your TP roll. Make sure to leave the ears connected to the bottom of the roll.

  • Paint the ears and base all one color.
  • Paint the inside of the ears pink.
  • Use the permanent marker to draw a bunny face and put your egg in the holder.





Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "колумб и солнечное затмение"

Christopher Columbus was a hero to some and a villain to others. Hewas a brave explorer, but he also enslaved, murdered and stole fromnative people across the Americas. He first met the Arawak natives inthe Bahamas in 1492. They generously traded everything they owned.Columbus saw this as a weakness. He wrote in his journal, “Theybrought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many otherthings. They do not bear arms, and do not know them. They wouldmake fine servants.”

Eleven years later, Christopher Columbus was still taking advantageof the Arawak’s hospitality.

On his fourth and final voyage in 1503 Columbus found himself indire straits. Shipworms had destroyed two of his ships. He wasforced to abandon them and send the rest of his ships to an island wenow know as Jamaica.

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International Day of Happiness


International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20 of every year. International Day of Happiness was introduced by the General Assembly of the United Nations through seminars and educational tips with the aim to educate and improve public awareness of the benefits of happiness. In the Himalayan region of Asia, Kingdom of Bhutan bought the idea. Only there the population is thought to be the happiest in the world due to the holistic approach to life. The amount of importance which placed on the well-being of people and communities with material wealth. The day will be very useful to everyone’s reminder that in general happiness does not necessarily come from buying and consuming and also from being famous but often from friends, and emotional well-being. Internationally, there are many events including websites in which people may participate happiness.

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Snowman Burning Day


Snowman Burning Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. It is an annual festival that is observed on the first day of every Spring. The chill and snowy winter season have finally come to an end and its time for us to say a warm hello to the Spring. So, you must get ready to feel the warmth, the brighter sun, colourful garden with flowers, leaves, fresh air, and the smell of soil. Pack up all your winter clothes to enjoy sitting in shorts, and It is indeed must to celebrate the change of the seasons with a special day in the calendar. Thus comes the Snowman Burning Day which is a celebration that marks the ends of winter and the beginning of spring.

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World Storytelling Day


World Storytelling Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. The Day is annual commemoration celebrated on March Equinox or the first day of Spring. What do these lines “Once upon a time…” reminds you? Yes, it is none other than the stories. So all of us do love to listen or tell stories. Of course, most of us are grown up by listening to lots of stories. The love for the stories varies from every person as there are lots of genres. Storytelling needs little creativity and skill to express the story in the best way such that to impress the listener. So those who are good at telling stories can go forward as it is World Storytelling Day. Amaze others with the most inspiring story which you have known. Be lively by showing hand eloquence to express quality thoughts of your story. Make the listener eagerly wait for the next moment until you finish the storytelling.

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